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    Message from Stuart Forrest.

    Well my race on Saturday round the tough MaB course seemed to be going well. Got myself involved with two serious fast runners (who I will mention shortly) and we were all chasing down a certain Dougie Macdonald who was looking very light on his feet and was giving us a hard job reeling him in. We arrive at the top of the final descent, and we know it's now or never, so we are heading down and we are probably 15-20 seconds into descending and the next thing im flat on my face. Which we all as hill runners assume is definitely going to happen a minimum of once every race, but I've also managed to land perfectly on a real sharp rock which has just burst through the knee, and so I was told just missed the kneecap. I knew that was it , race over.

    Now the two guys I mentioned earlier just happened to be our very own David Gaille (Deej) and Inverness Harriers top hill man Stewart Wilson. They both stopped right there and then, nothing to them mattered apart from me not being stuck on my own, and getting colder all the time. They were even arguing who was going to stay and jeopardise there own race. It couldnt be solved so Stewart ran to the next marshall and Deej had the jacket out and got me there safe and sound. Once in the trustworthy hands of the marshall they set off and did very admirable times and I hear Stewart did give dougie a bit off a battle at the end.

    On making the track another well known HHR came tearing up in his car to the rescue, none other than Ross Bannerman himself. We speed through the crowd of runners (oh I should mention that Stewart and Deej are in the car as well, they came all the way back) made it to the end where Stewart turfs me into his car, all the way to Out of Hours Aviemore where he sits for an hour and a half waiting. Incredible.

    All this support I got was unbelievable, I can't believe how awesome everyone was, Deej and Stewart for staying with me when they were on for a brilliant finishing time, Ross for coming in his car to pick me up, Stewart for taking me to get mended, plus I've had so many messages from club members asking how things are which has been so kind, honest..

    I'm going to try to be all ready for Knockfarell so fingers crossed. Thanks again to everyone, really proud to be a part of a club that looks out for one another. Thanks again to Deej, Stewart and Ross. I'm so pleased you guys were there. Thank you.

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