News and results

  • 2019 AGM

    Minute of HHR AGM held at Dows on Monday 20 Jan 2020 at 7pm

    Present: Russell McKechnie, Morgane Artacho, Dougie Macdonald, Gavin Whiteside, Lana Buchheim, Steven Burnside, Katy Boocock, Steve Popple, Karen Lyons, Phil Hindell, Graham Arthur, Claire Piper, Dagmar Borrowman and Jonathan Appleby.

    1- All present were welcomed to the meeting by Russell.

    2- Apologies had been received from Wullie Nicolson and Al Watson.

    3- Reports: Chairman-Secretary-Membership-Treasurer


    There were some changes to race rules triggered by advances in technology and the ethos of hill running where competitors navigate using map and compass and not follow a navigation aid bread crumb route. Navigation aids are not allowed in SHR championship races but in other races it's is up to the organiser.

    Navigation skills or lack of were highlighted during the summer time 2019 An Teallach race, which took place in misty conditions on a non-navigationally challenged or complicated route. Most of the attention was on the runners who went down the wrong side of the bealach but many more runners as highlighted on Strava ascended the wrong summit before realising their mistake.

    There is a big jump in skills set from road running to hill running especially running on challenging terrain in poor visibility. Runners who have moved from hill walking or orienteering to hill running are generally more prepared for poor visibility situations, others progressed from the road and have less hill hours will not be so prepared and, for these runners, navigation must be added to their developing skill set.

    The FRA have introduced a NG and a G category The NG means no electronic devices are allowed for route finding, to display position or use as a compass. If a competitor used such a device it would only be allowed for an emergency situation e.g. map coordinates. Route recording is still allowed. If the race category has G then GPS device is allowed.

    Just to go back to An Teallach the navigation errors occurred on the soft side of the hill and could have been a lot more serious if people ventured onto the hard side. Before entering a race on a high route, study the terrain and ask yourself have I got the skills in poor visibility to safely get round without following other competitors?

    The success of a club is determined by the people in it and I must thank the executive Karen, Dougie and Jonathan. Wullie who looks after the gear, Stephen leading Thursday nights, also Gavin, Fraser and Dougie for Tues nights and, if you have any energy left, Falk and Neil for the Conditioning session. David Kerr for the navigation training, point made earlier. Dougie who set a lot of wheels in motion and kept the club race championship tally throughout the year. Steve for admin of the organiser trophy and not forgetting Phil for the lovely pics.

    Everything went smoothly with our club races thanks to the organisational skills of Sam, Katy, Dagmar, Dave and the marshals who helped. Also, David & Victoria team organiser of Devils Burden. The ever-increasing membership supporting the training and various races.

    There was varying success in the trophy room.

    The club championship was won by Cat Morrison and Andrew Gilmore from 76 HHR that recorded a run in the series.

    In the Scottish Hill Running championship there were some outstanding results. Our highest place in the men's open was Andrew Gilmore in 10th and our highest pace in the ladies open was Karen Lyons in 7th.

    Other podium finishes were

    Karen 3rd in W40 Dagmar was a few places behind in 5th and Graham Arthur a 1st in the M70, Graham is recorded as an all-time Scottish champion. Our open male team was 3rd Male over 40 team was also 3rd Female over 40 team was second. The icing on the cake was the 2019 all-time championship ladies team who secured the win beating Westerlands in the very last race of the series with points scored by Karen, Dagmar, Manouk, Bethan, Cat, Diana, Haomi, Karen Frake, Katy Boo, Lana, Morven, Pen, Philippa. Fantastic win for the most travelled team in the championship. Let’s support this team to defend this championship.


    Anyone interested in coaching opportunities through Scottish Athletics should let Karen know and she will pass these on. 10 members completed the SHR championships this year (up from 8 last year). This year the SHR races are:

    Cioch Mhor


    28th March

    Stuc a Chroin


    2nd May

    Hartfell Horseshoe


    20th June

    Tom na Bat


    18th July

    Glenshee 9


    1st August

    Yetholm Shepherds Show


    3rd October

    Reminder that most SHR champs races are now pre-entry with sometimes no entries on the day.

    Membership Secretary

    Numbers remain strong, 10% increase from last year. More people get out, more people are attracted to the club. Positive atmosphere at Tues training. In SHR Champs, HHR was the most successful club with a team in the top 3 of all 4 categories


    Balance is £4855.26 once cheques put in. See Appendix 1 for breakdown of figures.

    4- Election of Office Chairman-Secretary-Membership-Treasurer- Committee members

    Chair – Russell (proposed by Dagmar seconded by Claire)

    Secretary – Karen (proposed by Russell seconded by Doug)

    Membership – Doug (proposed by Karen seconded by Dagmar)

    Treasurer – Jonathan had intimated his resignation in advance of the meeting and nominations/volunteers had been sought. Morgane had put her name forward and was proposed by Russell and seconded by Lana. With her appointment, Morgane will become an authorised signatory in place of Jonathan.

    Committee members - all present were appointed committee members.

    5- Membership Costs - Existing is £12 Senior Unwaged £6 Family £18

    All memberships kept the same for 2020. Online entry suggested for 2021 perhaps through SI Entries (will need to include their admin fee) or just via bank transfer.

    6- Incorporate!

    So that the Club can enter into contracts and if the Club wishes to own assets. Look into pros and cons of incorporating the Club. Look at existing constitution (Appendix 2). Speak to RCAC and other clubs re what they do.

    7- Club Championship Races (some dates to be confirmed i.e. based on last year)

    Race Date Class SHR champs

    Winter Race 29-Feb

    Craig Dunain 21-Mar S

    Cioch Mhor 28-Feb M Yes

    Beinn Ratha 11-Apr M

    Stuc a’Chroin 02-May L Yes

    Trotternish 06-Jun L

    Hartfell Horseshoe 20-Jun M Yes

    Tomnabat 18-Jul S Yes

    Strathconon Games 25-Jul S

    Glenshee 9 01-Aug L Yes

    Strathpeffer Games 08-Aug S

    Ben Nevis 05-Sep M

    Yetholm Shepherd 03-Oct S Yes

    Tain Hill Traill 14-Nov M

    North District XC 05-Dec S

    El Presidente Race TBC ?

    4 to count (reduced from 5) in both male and female categories.

    Do we organise a minibus for the more popular races? To be discussed further, find out likely cost.

    8- Club Race Dates- Winter Race 29th Feb, Alex Brett Cioch Mhor 28 Mar (online entry opens 1 Feb) call for marshalls, Fyrish 16th May requires organiser (Dougie suggested that we ask Eoin Coull of RCAC to take this on if no-one comes forward from our membership), Meall a Bhuchaille 24th Oct, Knockfarrel 7th Nov.

    9- Other Races and- ideas-Committee meetings

    North district hill running championship race is Bennachie (but this may be changed) Meall a Bhuchaile and Knockfarrel put forward if required.

    East to West minibus trip was suggested by Russell.

    New winter race – inaugural event will be on 29 Feb at Beinn Tharsuinn.

    Night race series – Abriachan, Newtonhill, Ord Hill (monthly around the time of the full moon).

    Relay pairs race at Ord Hill.

    10- Training and Social

    Social run volunteers: Al Watson, Morgane Artacho, Richard Chatburn, Fraser Macintosh.

    11- Equipment

    4 radios purchased last year.

    12- Organiser Trophy

    Meall a Bhuchaille (Russell) winner with 6 points, joint 2nd Fyrish (Dave W) and Cioch Mhor (Sam H) with 5 points and Knockfarrell (Katy & Dagmar) with 4 points.

    Suggestion that there be a new trophy up for grabs in 2020 – most miles run over the club championship races (excl. North District Cross Country).

    13- AOB: Website – needs upgrading or use a word press version for the static club info. Phil Hindell, Dougie Macdonald and Lana Buchheim to discuss.

    Date of next AGM – 16 Nov (Secretary to give notice of AGM on 1st Nov)

    K Lyons, Secretary


  • Winter Race for club members

    Winter Hill Race and Club Champs Counter 29th February

    Beinn Tharsuinn and Torr Leathan

    Start Gravel Pit, Struie Road 11am

    8miles 1900ft Self Timed

    Full body Cover, Compass, Whistle, Hat, Gloves and Mobile phone must be carried

  • Club championship 2019

    5 races to count for men, 4 for women.

    Craig Dunain 16th March

    Screel 13th April (SHR - Short)

    Beinn Ratha 13th April

    El Presidente secret race tbc

    Arrochar Alps 29th June (SHR - Long)

    An Teallach 13th July (SHR - Medium)

    Strathconon Games 27th July

    Creag Dhubh 3rd August (SHR - Short)

    Strathpeffer Games 10th August

    Ben Nevis 7th September

    Two Breweries 28th September (SHR - Long)

    Meall a'Bhuachaille 26th October (SHR - Medium)

    Tain Hill Trail tbc

    North District XC tbc

  • Club Championship 2017

    4 to count from the following 16

    Craig Dunain 18-Mar

    Criffel 19-Mar (SHR)

    Beinn Ratha 15-Apr

    Stuc a'Chroin 06-May (SHR)

    Goatfell 20-May (SHR)

    Trotternish Ridge 03-Jun (SHR)

    El Presidente TBC

    Meall an t-Suidhe 01-Jul

    Strathconon HG TBC

    Strathpeffer HG 12-Aug(SHR)

    Ben Nevis 02-Sep

    Devil's Beeftub 09-Sep (SHR)

    Invercharron 16-Sep

    Bennachie TBC

    Tain Hill Trail TBC

    North District XC TBC

  • AGM December 2016

    Minutes of Highland Hill Runners AGM

    Held on 1 December 2016, 7pm at Raigmore Rec Hall

    In attendance: Russell McKechnie, Dougie Macdonald, Gordie Taylor, Claire Piper, Steve Popple, Katy Boocock, Iain Maclennan, Karen Lyons, Rhona Grant, Gavin Whiteside, Wullie Nicolson, Ray Wilby, Dave Wilby, Rachel Limbrick.

    1 Welcome

    Russell welcomed those in attendance.

    2 Apologies

    Apologies had been received from Sam, Becky, Phil, Jonathon, Alex Tarbuck, Luke, Graham + Rosemary Arhur, Stuart Ross.

    3 Reports

    Chairman’s report – Notable results at SHR champs in the age categories: Luke (U23), David Gallie (M50), Karen (F40), male team 4th overall beating Westies, Carnegie, HBT, Cosmics, Bethan 1st at MaB and Rhona first at Tain, Alex S first team gold at World Champs, Gordie T reached 100 SHR races and first V50 win. XC relay bronze for ladies and gold for Vet guys, Sam 13th at Snowdon and Bethan 1st under 25, Dave Kerr’s Ramsay Round 21hrs 49mins, Megan 1st win at Fyrish and Dave Wilby Race Organiser and winner, James Slimon Badenoch young sports personality of the year award, Steven Gregg 5th in Cateran Way, Ryan MacKenzie 1st at Great Glen Way, Shona and Sam winners at Alex Brett Cioch Mhor. Scottish xc masters 1st Alex Sutherland. Sam 2nd at Carnethy 5 and Wullie Nicolson won at Beinn Ratha.

    Secretary’s report – As the point of contact for Scottish Athletics, I tend to pass on only those items that I think may be of general interest to our members. A lot of the other contact from Scottish Athletics relates to coaching, development and the like which generally means meetings and committees. If anyone is interested, please let me know as there are opportunities out there.

    Structured training sessions on Tuesdays (6pm, Aquadome) catering for those members that want to undertake group speed sessions/interval training and hill reps continue to prove very popular with regular high attendance. Many thanks to Dougie and Sam for leading these sessions The Club features on Strava which allows Club members to compete against each other for weekly leader-board honours as well as taking on distance and height climbed challenges which can help with motivation.

    The Club Facebook page and the associated group pages for circuits and car-share are great ways for members to communicate and continue to raise the profile of the Club and hill running.

    Membership Secretary – members, including new recruits. juniors. female. male. Club champs -17 women took part (1 completed), 47 men took part (12 completed). Champions – Gill Irvine, men’s to be decided after xc champs (Dave Wilby).

    Overall participation in hill races was down – 132 compared to 137. Women up from 23 to 26. Encourage more race participation – particularly the women.

    Tuesday training: Numbers up as high as 25. Normally about a dozen.

    Circuits: Falk Schlaghecke leads the classes for free. We pay £25 for the room. Charging £4 each. No cost to the club. We’ve been covering the cost of the room, but would be good to get a few more folks along.

    Treasurer – Accounts circulated. members - numbers are up, Bunnet money*. Lots of money at Knockfarell, profit at Fyrish low because paid for prizes for Slioch from the profit. Expenditure on a gazebo and club champ plates. More money to SA affiliation fee. £300 still to come from MaB. Graham A to donate £50 for beer on Saturday. Donation to Peffery Way £100. Thanks to Team Wilby, the Knockfarrel route was cleared. Falk doing circuits for free just have to pay for room at Gym 300. £100 to SHRunning, SHRacing. *more to follow in the new year once current orders have been made and paid for.

    4 Election of Office Bearers

    Chairman – Russell proposed by Karen seconded by Claire

    Secretary – Karen

    Membership Secretary – Doug proposed by Russell seconded Karen. Need help with xc numbers so Doug doesn’t have to be there early each time.

    Treasurer – No volunteers. Jonathon proposed by Russell seconded by Doug

    Committee – Everyone else in attendance.

    Logistics Manager/Race kit – Wullie N volunteered for race kit. New radios required. Committee decided to buy new radios rather than borrow from others. Wullie N to ask John H see how much they cost and buy similar. Battery life is important.

    5 Membership Costs

    £free – child

    £6 – unwaged or student/oap

    £12 – adult

    £18 – family

    6 Club Races

    Cioch Mhor –Sam - last Sat in March

    Fyrish – Dave W - TBC End may/start June

    Slioch – John H 10 June

    Meall a Buchaille – Russell - Sat in Oct before the xc. (3rd Sat)

    Knockfarrell – Katy/Dagmar - to organise first week in Nov (put forward for ND Hill Champs)

    7 Club Championship Races

    Let people know that you are going via car share to encourage SHR participation. Plan ahead, pre-entry for some races these days (particularly the SHR Championship Counters.

    1. Same Championship races as last year

    2. Add in SHR Championship races

    4 from 16 to count.

    8 Other Races

    Orienteering – 10 club runners run but 7 would have been there anyway. Mackenzies, Arthurs, Shepherds, Ken, Nicolson, Sue W. Tried to get a league but quite difficult. Pick an InVoc event. Wullie to pick event when calendar is ready.

    Try a mid week crunce series based on 1 route e.g. Thursday at Ord Hill – Katy to organise a route, Iain Maclennan to assist.

    9 Child Welfare

    SA expect a Club child welfare officer. Need PVG. Read the policy and email everyone.

    10 Equipment, Race Kit

    See above. Also stop watches.

    11 Club Champions

    Male – Dave Wilby, Female – Gill Irvine

  • 2016 Meall a' Bhuachaille Results

    Finish name Club Category Time

    1 Finlay Wild LAC M 01:04:39

    2 Tim Gomersall HHR M 01:07:06

    3 Graham Bee IH M 01:07:18

    4 Ally Beaven U/A M 01:07:55

    5 Alec Keith HBT M50 01:08:44

    6 Rob Brookes Cosmics M 01:09:07

    7 Jack Trevelyan HHR M 01:09:12

    8 Thomas Knox Anster Haddies M 01:09:48

    9 Phil Mowbray HBT M40 01:10:34

    10 Andrew Wilby HHR M40 01:11:17

    11 John Yells LAC M 01:11:25

    12 Mike Stewart Keith and District M50 01:11:31

    13 Wullie Nicolson HHR M40 01:11:37

    14 Michael O'Donnell IH M 01:11:41

    15 Stuart Malcolm HHR M40 01:12:36

    16 Gavin Whiteside HHR M 01:13:10

    17 Billy Gibson Dundee Hawkhill M40 01:13:42

    18 Dave Cummins HHR M50 01:15:21

    19 Dan Whitehead Deeside M40 01:15:26

    20 Peter Henry Deeside M 01:15:28

    21 Alistair Walker Deeside M 01:15:28

    22 Neil Easton Stonehaven M 01:15:46

    23 Johanne Petersen BASOC M 01:16:31

    24 Alan Smith Deeside M50 01:16:32

    25 Francis Williams U/A M40 01:17:07

    26 Ben Gibson U/A M 01:18:04

    27 chris Walsa Dundee Hawkhill M 01:18:28

    28 David Pearkes HHR M40 01:18:33

    29 Russell Duncan U/A M40 01:18:46

    30 Iain Maclennan HHR M40 01:19:00

    31 chris Grant-pantry U/A M 01:19:11

    32 Richard Macleod LAC M 01:19:17

    33 Graeme Gatherer U/A M40 01:19:24

    34 Nick Carter U/A M40 01:20:03

    35 Gordon Mackenzie Police Athletics M 01:20:15

    36 Brian Newlands NHR M 01:20:46

    37 Eric Duncan HH M 01:20:56

    38 Stuart Forrest HHR M 01:21:14

    39 Stuart Wilson IH M 01:21:15

    40 Bethan Nadin HHR F 01:21:38

    41 Dan Watson Loch Tayside M40 01:22:03

    42 Dennis Macdonald Cosmics M 01:22:13

    43 Gavin Mackenzie U/A M 01:22:39

    44 Dougie Macdonald HHR M40 01:22:50

    45 Scott Grosdanoff U/A M 01:23:14

    46 Ruari Miller U/A M 01:23:24

    47 Diarmid Oineill NHH M40 01:23:41

    48 Don Macleod HHR M 01:24:35

    49 Gerald Angus Keith and District M50 01:24:49

    50 Stephen Gill Keith and District M 01:25:05

    51 Fiona Mcdonald Cosmics F 01:25:14

    52 Richard Ingram Cosmics M40 01:25:20

    53 Graeme Campbell IH M40 01:25:44

    54 David Hurst Deeside M50 01:26:10

    55 Hilary Cameron Forres Harriers F40 01:26:27

    56 Tim Pott Forres Harriers M50 01:26:48

    57 John Urquhart Keith and District M50 01:26:58

    58 Robert Maclean U/A M50 01:27:33

    59 Stuart Thompson Nairn RR M 01:27:47

    60 Trevor Shaw Loch Tayside M50 01:28:02

    62 Graham Kelly Westies M40 01:28:08

    62 Kenny Macgruger NHH M 01:28:18

    63 Megan Wright HBT F40 01:28:35

    64 Brian Macdonald LAC M 01:29:26

    65 Eugene Mackie Vegan Runners M 01:29:36

    66 Simon Harrison NHH M50 01:29:40

    67 Steve Macdonald U/A M 01:29:42

    68 William Hinchliffe Carnethy M 01:30:27

    69 Andrew McCrae U/A M 01:30:39

    70 Sue Wilby HHR F40 01:30:59

    71 David Bryan East Sutherland M40 01:31:40

    72 George Paterson Invoc M40 01:32:01

    73 Suzy Devey LAC F 01:33:15

    74 Dagmar Borrowman HHR F40 01:34:10

    75 Paul Borrowman U/A M40 01:34:10

    76 Ian Hamilton Cosmics M50 01:34:21

    77 David Mckeown HHR M40 01:34:37

    78 Angus Bowmon Lomond HR M60 01:34:55

    79 Graham Calder Ben Wyvis CC M40 01:35:34

    80 Katy Boocock HHR F50 01:36:12

    81 Melanie Gaff Cairngorm F 01:37:39

    82 Nick Goldfinch Carnethy M 01:37:41

    83 Brian Brennan Westies M60 01:37:57

    84 Jill Kerr HHR F40 01:38:16

    85 Matthew Slater LAC M 01:38:33

    86 Stuart Ross HHR M 01:38:37

    87 Fran Britain Forres Harriers F40 01:39:39

    88 Jodi Sharpe IH F40 01:40:11

    89 Emma O'Shea Deeside F 01:40:29

    90 Michael Macrae HHR M 01:40:30

    91 Phil Forte Dundee Hawkhill M60 01:40:40

    92 Chris Sutcliffe U/A M 01:40:50

    93 Craig Wallace HHR M 01:40:53

    94 Doreen Campbell IH F40 01:40:54

    95 Alice McCrae U/A F 01:40:47

    96 Christoper Heyer U/A M40 01:42:27

    97 Jonathan Weir U/A M 01:42:38

    98 lisa Blackley U/A F 01:43:37

    99 Willie Macrae HHR M60 01:45:42

    100 David Oliver Deeside M50 01:46:38

    101 Claire Piper HHR F40 01:47:02

    102 Eleanor Munro Keith and District F40 01:48:41

    103 Shona Macpherson U/A F40 01:48:54

    104 Peter Ferguson HHR M60 01:49:07

    105 Tom Peake U/A M 01:49:54

    106 Emma Pearce LAC F 01:50:28

    107 Elaine Stewart Cosmics F50 01:50:55

    108 Jane Oliver Deeside F50 01:53:43

    109 Andrew Sim Carnegie M40 01:53:47

    110 Debz Hay Anster Haddies W50 01:54:46

    111 Rod Campbell Cosmics M70 01:54:56

    112 Sandy Slater LAC M60 01:56:38

    113 Brenda Paul Westies F 02:04:37

    114 Jean Bowman Lomond HR F50 02:09:34

    115 Alison Johnston HBT F50 02:14:36

    116 George Hay (and Willow)Anster Haddies M50 02:23:38

  • Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2017

    The Edinburgh Marathon Festival is now in its 15th year and takes place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017. This ever-growing festival of running is now a major event in the Scottish sporting calendar. Starting in Edinburgh, the course heads out through East Lothian offering stunning views and an unforgettable running experience.

    The marathon route is one of the fastest in the UK making that that elusive personal best a distinct possibility! Edinburgh Marathon joined the world's elite road races in 2012 by becoming the first marathon in Scotland to be officially recognised by the IAAF, the athletics governing body. The IAAF bronze label puts the race among the top 75 in the world making it a pivotal part of the sporting calendar for runners.

    The Edinburgh Marathon Festival is the UK’s largest running festival and it’s right on your doorstep! The full weekend of events attracts around 30,000 runners, with thousands more lining the course to support. There are 9 races on offer over two days including the marathon, half marathon, team relay, 10k, 5k and junior races. There really is something for everyone, so why not make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend.

  • DMRT An Teallach Hill Race

    Saturday 16th July 1pm

    10.6k 1,062m AM

    Every runner will get a raffle ticket with their entry. Giving them a chance to win a 2 or 3 night break at any Bay Hotel for 2 people - worth about £200

    Venue Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team Base NH094879

    Info here

    The following must be worn or carried

    Full waterproof body cover inc hat and gloves.




    Random kit checks will be carried out.

    COURSE:- There are no course markers, free route choice to summit pillar.

    Navigational skills may be required if misty.

    Much of course follows a very rough bouldery/rocky path. The descent from the summit to the col is steep and boulder strewn.

    MARSHALS:- Two at summit pillar where numbers will be recorded. There will be at least 4 other marshals at strategic points identified by yellow jackets. All are first aid trained and will carry first aid kits and radios.


    There will be an Emergency Medical Technician on duty at the finish.

    In the event of bad weather the course will turn at the 863m spot height at Sron a’ Choire.

    PARKING Extra parking is available at Dundonnell Hotel if no spaces available at the base.

  • Alex Brett Cioch Mhor

    Alex Brett Cioch Mhor

    Its was dry the day before, on race day a lot of rain had socked the course making the going a bit tougher, luckily the river stayed low. a record turn out of 78 hardy hill runners registered. Some great running was about to develop and as it went stories of fences, blood, water and heather. The race started and there was a feeling of a wry smile from above. HHR Sam Hesling and Tim Gomersall, Grampian ran hard at the front regularly swapping places Sam ran stronger in the last quarter finishing first a minute outside the record, Tim finished second although first prize for fence jump style. Ally Beaven U/A finished in third.

    Great win for HHR Shona Mackie in the ladies race pushed by Lina Mardall, Deeside in second. Lesley Clark, Cosmic third. HHR won both the team races Sam, Jack, Henry and Shona, Sue, Sheryl. Two M70s in the race, my hats off to you Ray Wilby 1:36 and Joe Holden 1:42 and Ray accompanied me round the race route the day before.

    11 runners in the Junior SAL counter race that started shortly after the main race, telling them not to sprint from the start was a waste of time, much to bemusement of some runners they soon made their way through the back of the field in the main race. First was Danny McPake in a very fast time of 24.29 , second Keir Beaton third Finlay Rutter, Junior Ladies Grace Whelan followed by Niamh Whelan.

    Many thanks to Ray for sharing the organisational duties, Lynda and David for sourcing local prizes, gratefully given by Cockburns, GlenWyvis Gin and Gary Cambell. Sandy for the hand crafted trophies. Permission to cross the fields from Watsons and Macintyre. The legion that baked and of course the marshals, tea ladies and Dundonnell Mountain Rescue team, flowers for Lynda and Alicia the Ladies behind the making of the race. There was a wry smile from above right enough.


  • Alex Brett Cioch Mhor

    Pos Runner Club Time Cat

    1 Sam Hesling HHR 01:06:15 M

    2 Tim Somersall Grampian O 01:07:56 M

    3 Ally Beaven U/A 01:09:04 M

    4 Jack Trevelyan HHR 01:10:13 M

    5 Johannes Felter BASOC 01:10:46 M

    6 Henry Blake HHR 01:12:42 M

    7 Andrew MacRae IH 01:13:17 M40

    8 Graham Bee IH 01:13:58 M

    9 Michael O'Donnell IH 01:14:19 M

    10 William Nicolson HHR 01:14:45 M40

    11 Mike Stewart Keith 01:15:18 M50

    12 Andrew Wilby HHR 01:15:58 M40

    13 Robbie Paterson Forres 01:16:11 M

    14 Francisco Javier Cabera BNRA 01:18:26 M

    15 Alan Smith Deeside 01:18:29 M50

    16 John Urquhart Spey Runners 01:19:14 M40

    17 Gavin MacMillan LAC 01:19:29 M

    18 Waldemar Krogulec HHR 01:19:44 M

    19 Andrew Patience Carnethy 01:19:50 M40

    20 David Gawe HHR 01:19:58 M50

    21 Francis Williams U/A 01:20:23 M

    22 Eoin Coull Ross County 01:20:50 M40

    23 Stewart Wilson IH 01:20:58 M40

    24 Rory O'Hara Murray Cosmic 01:21:31 M

    25 Iain Maclennan HHR 01:21:37 M40

    26 Stuart Forrest HHR 01:23:51 M

    27 Graham Maclennan IH 01:23:57 M40

    28 Mark Robson HHR 01:24:14 M40

    29 Clifford Leith Metro Aberdeen 01:25:06 M40

    30 John MacEwan Ochil 01:25:15 M40

    31 Barrie MacKinnon LAC 01:25:28 M

    32 Jon Shepherd HHR 01:25:56 M40

    33 Alasdair McDougall HHR 01:26:24 M40

    34 Gerald Angus Keith 01:26:36 M50

    35 Jamie Paterson HHR 01:26:48 M40

    36 David Clark Cosmics 01:27:02 M40

    37 Calum Faulkner HHR 01:27:28 M

    38 Mark Robb HHR 01:27:35 M

    39 Kenneth MacDonald U/A 01:27:52 M

    40 Gregor Davidson Acoy 4 Para 01:29:19 M

    41 Shona Mackie HHR 01:29:47 F

    42 Kenneth Mckenzie U/A 01:30:49 M

    43 David Holden lomond HR 01:30:50 M

    44 Lina Mardall Deeside 01:31:39 F50

    45 Robert Maclean LAC 01:32:19 M40

    46 John Moffat HHR 01:32:40 M50

    47 Kenneth Buchanan HHR 01:32:45 M

    48 Jonathan Weir U/A 01:32:54 M

    49 Craig Wallace Helm HR 01:32:59 M

    50 Robert Maclean U/A 01:33:14 M50

    51 Steven James Liddle HHR 01:34:12 M40

    52 Lesley Clark Cosmics 01:34:22 F40

    53 Brian Campbell LAC 01:34:25 M50

    54 David Mitchell U/A 01:34:33 M

    55 Sue Wilby HHR 01:35:13 F40

    56 Raymond Wilby HHR 01:36:13 M70

    57 Brian Brennan westies 01:36:52 M60

    58 Colin Wilson lomond HR 01:37:49 M50

    59 Iain Beedie lomond HR 01:38:14 M40

    60 David Bryan East Sutherland 01:38:38 M40

    61 Melanie Gaff U/A 01:38:55 F

    62 Colin Earnshaw NHH 01:39:50 M40

    63 Stuart Ross HHR 01:39:53 M

    64 Joe Holden lomond HR 01:42:02 M70

    65 David Duncan Ochil 01:43:40 M60

    66 Joan Wilson lomond HR 01:43:46 F50

    67 Scott Munro Lochtayside 01:44:47 M40

    68 Derek Arnot HHR 01:45:11 M50

    69 Rebecca Bryce Cosmics 01:47:00 F

    70 Sheryl Innes HHR 01:48:52 F

    71 Eleanor Munro Keith 01:51:15 F40

    72 Duncan Tunstaff Deeside 01:54:00 M50

    73 Willie MacRae Helm HR 01:54:07 M40

    74 Tilly Smith U/A 01:55:04 F50

    75 Linda Smith Moray RR 01:56:26 F50

    76 Megan Bee HHR 02:01:44 F

    77 Louise Grilly Carscube Har 02:01:44 F

    JNR Race

    Pos Name Club Time

    1 Danny McPake Ross County 24:29

    2 Keir Beaton East Sutherland 25:18

    3 Finlay Rutter Unattached 25:48

    4 Liam Clark Aberdeen AAC 26:20

    5 Joseph Conner Helm HR 26:44

    6 Grace Whelan Moray RR 26:46

    7 Kyle Sutherland Ross County 27:38

    8 Alex Ellen Ross County 28:08

    9 Sam Bryan East Sutherland 30:36

    10 Hamish Hickey Ross County 32:31

    11 Niamh Whelan Moray RR 32:58


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